Bill Watson in General Hospital

Tim Conway and L.A. Cop "Richard Caine"

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Richard Cerasani a.k.a. Richard Caine


Before he became an award winning author, Dick Cerasani was known as Richard Caine, the man who spent nearly 50 years making television dramas and commercials.  Caine was probably best known as the villian Bill Watson on the dynamic soap opera "General Hospital".  When in 1979 the show introduced America to Luke and Laura, Richard Caine became famous during a three year run as a Mafia heavy.

Richard Cerasani, the author of "Love Letters From Mount Rushmore", is also know as Richard Caine. Richard, a graduate of
‚ÄčNorthwestern University, first started a career in NYC and then Hollywood working with all of the big and small screen greats of the 20th Century including Tim Conway, Burt Reynolds, Gene Hackman, Peter Faulk, Jerry Orbach and Liza Minelli to name  a few.  He's appeared in many episodes of Law and Order, Quincy an Columbo and he's performed in hundreds of TV commercials. His stage career included performing with Celeste Holmes, Ann Sothern, and Joan Bennett as Donny Dark in the play "Butterflies are Free."

Finding an unknown steamer trunk in the family attic was to bring about a metamorphosis into the role of "author".  Richard's discovery

of a trunk full of historical objects pertaining to the Great Depression, the building of Mount Rushmore and the events running up to the

start of WWII.  In addition, he found love letters from Mount Rushmore shared between a young sculptor and his wife through their

adventures and struggles with separation during an historical time in our country.